We provide a server-to-server notification service that enables you to:

  • Recover the payment order status in any circumstances, even if the browser disconnects after leaving the payment page.
  • Obtain notification when the status is updated from Authorizing to Authorized, if a payment method cannot give immediate authorization.

Subscription to this service##

First, ask your Thunes project manager to activate this service.
Then, complete the ServerNotificationUrl field when creating the payment order.

Operating principle##

Notifications are issued for updates of the payment order status:

  • From Customer paying to the following statuses:
    • Authorized
    • Authorizing
    • Aborted
    • Refused
    • Error
  • From Authorizing to Authorized
  • From Authorized to Charged
  1. Notification is issued within one minute of the status change, via a ServerNotificationUrl request, as in the following example:
    GET https://www.citronrose.com/NotificationUrl?MerchantOrderId=1234
    (where https://www.citronrose.com/NotificationUrl?MerchantOrderId=1234 is defined as the ServerNotificationUrl to request)



You must confirm receipt of the notification using an HTTP 200 code or we will repeat the notification once after 10 minutes and after 1hour for a maximum of two times.

  1. You have to request us to check the order status using PaymentOrder/Detail webservice after the notification.

  2. In response of PaymentOrder/Detail request, we return the current transaction status which will allow you to update the transaction status in your system.



The notification system is optional, but highly advised. If you decide not to process our notifications, you will still be able to detect certain important events using the PaymentOrder/Detail web service. If you opt for this approach, please note the following recommendations:

  • Detecting the payment result (status update from PaymentInProgress to Authorized or Authorizing, Aborted, Refused, Error): Call PaymentOrder/Detail every 10 minutes for two hours, without any additional views (do not use the AddElements parameter in the query string). Do not renew the call, unless the status remains PaymentInProgress, or a timeout occurs on the network.
  • Status update from Authorizing to Authorized: call PaymentOrder/Detail once a day, without any additional views. Do not renew the call, unless the status remains Authorizing or in the event of a network timeout.