Access to the Payment and Cancellation pages##

Whatever the payment method selected, users should be redirected to the CreditCard payment page in the integration environment.

Continue from the previous test by selecting a payment method, then check that:

  • You are redirected to the CreditCard payment page.
  • The website name and logo are displayed correctly.
  • The amount displayed is correct.
    Then click on Cancel and check that you are redirected to the appropriate page on your website.


Follow up the previous test by making a test purchase using the following identifiers:

  • Card number: 5017670000000000
  • Expiration date: any future date
  • CVC: any 3 numbers

Check that:

  • The payment is confirmed and you are redirected to your website confirmation page.
  • The transaction is correctly reported in your tools.
  • The transaction is correctly reported in the Thunes Collections BackOffice test solution. (
  • It has Authorized status.
  • All parameters (order number, amount, etc.) are correct.

Specific behaviour tests##

In order to check that your integration environment responds appropriately to the various payment flow scenarios, you can use CreditCard to test specific behavior as well as cancellation and payment operations.

To do this, insert the appropriate card number into the payment page form when filling out your payment order. The following table lists the card numbers associated with specific behaviors:

Effect simulated

Thunes action

Transaction status

Card Number

3DS Authorization

Redirect to expected Url depending on 3DS result



Authorization without 3DS

Redirect to expected Url according to 3DS policy



Cancellation by the customer

Redirect to the AbortedUrl


Click on "Cancel" button

Do not honor

Redirect to the AbortedUrl