You can consult the status of your Thunes payment order at any time by calling the PaymentOrder/Detail web service. You must do this to check the order status once the authorisation request has been accepted.

CALL Information / Examples

API Call

Response Example

  "PaymentOrder": {
    "Id": 99972422011,
    "MerchantId": "sandbox-merchantorpsp-fr",
    "PaymentPageId": "creditcard",
    "Amount": 100.0,
    "Currency": "EUR",
    "Status": "Authorized",
    "CreateDate": "2018-02-01T12:15:05.947Z",
    "PaymentPageUrl": "",
  "ReturnCode": 1000,
  "ReturnMessage": "Success",
  "RequestId": "40843aa8-dfd0-4a09-8f0e-8879f57ec058"


PaymentOrderGeneral transaction informationThe Status field indicates the current transaction status (see the Status descriptions table).
You should already have information about the other fields.


In order to avoid overloading the network traffic, only request the views you require and renew the calls when needed. For example, if you do not use the server-to-server notification service and make frequent calls to this web service to detect order status changes, please follow our recommendations at the end of the Server to server notifications section.

You can get more information about an order using the parameter AddElements. To see all the fields you can get, refer to this link