If you cannot meet all or part of the order, we recommend that you contact us to cancel the corresponding amount. This enables us to promptly refund prepaid payment methods, such as gift cards or loyalty points, which were charged when the order was placed, and cancel any authorisations for other payment methods.

CALL Information / Examples

API Call
POST https://api.limonetikqualif.com/Rest/V40/PaymentOrder/Cancel

Request Example

  "PaymentOrderId": "99972422011",
  "CancelAmount": 30.00,
  "Currency": "EUR",

Response Example

  "OperationId": 275213654778,
  "RequestId": "3b3647b5-c8ec-47e5-8f76-45d9a715b20e",
  "ReturnCode": 1000,
  "ReturnMessage": "Success"

Parameters in the request

It is possible to cancel all or part of the payment once a payment order is Authorized. To do so, set the cancelled amount as a parameter in the PaymentOrder/Cancel web service. To cancel the full payment, enter the full order amount.


Regardless, we will automatically cancel any amounts that have not been charged by the end of the authorisation period (Authorized status) defined in the Thunes Collections BackOffice. We define the duration of this period with you during the project design phase.

PaymentOrderIdThunes payment order identifierCorresponds to the PaymentOrderId parameter returned when the payment order was created.
CancelAmountAmount to be cancelledThis amount must be less than or equal to the total order amount (minus any amounts that may already have been charged or cancelled).
Use a decimal point and two decimal places, i.e. 30.00
CurrencyPayment order currencyCodified as specified in ISO 4217.


OperationIdOperation identifier