After integrating this solution, you will be able to accept QRcode payment methods for all your customers.



Thunes is a payment orchestration platform notably allowing Merchants to accept a wide range of alternative payment methods in their Point Of Sales (POS). To find out more about Thunes Collections services, please visit our website:

Thunes Collections' Expertise:

eShops and Brick-and-mortar shops sell Products & Services to local and foreign customers. Therefore, Thunes Collections Payment Platform has been designed to meet this challenge. The purpose of the Platform is to help shops, mPOS providers, or cash register systems to offer any international payment methods the easy way.
Usually adding a new payment method to conventional systems is cumbersome and implies performing several actions:

  • One integration operation to mPOS or cash register system or a new mPOS deployment
  • One sales monitoring interface
  • A new daily operation overview
  • One new cash flow to be reconciled

With the Thunes Collections platform the above-listed process is simplified. All payment methods connected to the Thunes Collections platform become available in a single flow, with just one integration.

Thunes Collections Offers:

  • A downloadable Android app can be installed on Android mPOS (Mobile Point of Sales), on a cash register system, or a ready-to-use mPOS device (see picture below).
  • A Rest API (XML/JSON) to manage all payment-related operations for ready-to-use mPOS devices or cash integration systems deployed. Information to use this API is in reference pages pages.
  • A BackOffice to keep track of your payment orders, to manage your Thunes accounts ... and many other things.
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