Thunes Collections (formerly Limonetik) is a payment orchestration platform specialized in providing Merchants and PSP with other payment methods than Credit Card. Indeed, Thunes Collections platform offers a wide range of, so called, alternative payment methods (+285). Many of these payment methods are specific to certain countries and/or business verticals, thus giving you a chance to improve your conversion rates in a specific country and/or vertical. To find out more, visit our website:

Thunes Collections' expertise:

Merchants sell Products & Services worldwide, their suppliers can be anyone in the world. Thunes Collections Platform was designed to meet these challenges, to help International e-merchants & gateways to offer any international payments methods.

Adding a new payment method to conventional platforms is cumbersome. It means:

  • Adding an extra logo to the cashier.
  • Integrating another API.
  • Reconciling another flow of funds.

Thunes enables merchants and PSPs to integrate hundreds of payment methods at once, and in a single flow.

Thunes Collections offers:

  • A Rest API (XML/JSON) to manage all payment-related operations. Information to use this API is on the API reference pages.
  • A BackOffice to keep track of your transactions, to manage your Thunes Collections accounts ... and many other things.

What’s Next

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