It's possible to apply all payment processes in a marketplace context. With Thunes Collections’ marketplace offer, the company operating the marketplace may serve companies (B2B) and/or Consumers (B2C). The Platform allows marketplaces to cash in baskets composed of items coming from either unique or multiple vendors.

Thunes Collections offers:

  • A Rest API (XML/JSON) to manage all payment-related operations. Information to use this API are in the Reference pages
  • And a BackOffice to keep track of your transactions, to manage your Thunes accounts ... and many other things.

Thunes Collections provides Marketplaces with other important features such as:

A bookkeeping management platform:

Thunes Collections can manage the accounts of all merchants on a marketplace:


The book keeping management platform displays a comprehensive view of all payments received by a merchant as well as a view of all the fees applied to each account. In addition, the platform gives access to account statements listing all financial flows on each account.

To view your account details, Thunes Collections provides a store value platform (dynamic account statement) not only to the marketplace (view my account) but also to each vendor.

Thanks to the Thunes Collections’ partnerships with licenced Payment Institutions, Thunes Collections can offer a lawful marketplace solution to partners not holding any licence.


For compliance reasons, Marketplace can't see account details of its vendors.

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