iFrame Integration

How to display a CreditCard payment page in an iFrame?

The Integration of a CreditCard payment page, without any redirection, is possible through an iFrame integration. Once you've requested PaymentOrder/Create web service, you can display the paymentPageUrl in an iFrame. This iFrame needs an id called: "LmkFrame". We recommend also to put a scrolling no attribute for design reasons.


iFrame width contraints:

Minimum width: 320px
Maximum width: 940px

Sample HTML code:

<iframe id="LmkFrame" scrolling="no" style="margin-left: 33%;" height="500px" width="700px"></iframe>

To avoid a final redirection of the payment page, inside the iFrame, we recommend to implement the JavaScript code below:

    var frame = document.getElementById('LmkFrame');
    frame.addEventListener('load', function () {
        var currentSrcIframe = frame.ownerDocument.defaultView.window[0].location.href;
        if (currentSrcIframe.includes('payment.limonetik') == false) {
            document.location.href = currentSrcIframe;

It will allow your website to make the final redirection outside of the iFrame and respect a payment flow of a redirection cinematic while giving your customer the impression that there was no redirection.