How To Test?

Test your integration:

To test payment with our API, please follow these steps:

  • Contact us at [email protected] so that Thunes Collections can create a test user account suited to your integration (if you already have a contact, ask him or her if any test account is already available).
  • Log into Thunes Collections test Back-office* Generate an API Key
  • Generate an API Key
  • Use our API with your API Key

We provide the following integration tools:

Test environment

The Thunes Collections test environment can be accessed at
During the integration stage, all calls to the Thunes Collections API should use this domain name.

Backoffice test solution

Thunes Collections will create user accounts and retailer identifiers that will enable you to access the test BackOffice, also called qualification environment:

From this BackOffice, you will be able to generate the required API key to use Thunes Collections’ API . For that Go to MENU > API > API-Keys or click on this link to get there directly. Test transactions are visible in this BackOffice.

Test payment method

Please use the Credit Card details below to test your integration.

First, enter creditcard as the PaymentPageId in the Create request parameter when creating the payment order.

Second, on the payment page, enter the following Credit Card details:

  • Card number: 5017670000000000
  • Expiration date: any future date
  • CVC: any 3 numbers

Activating your account for go-live:

Once you have confirmed acceptance, we shall activate your configuration in our production environment and open your access to our production BackOffice (

Activating your account for go-live

Once your tests have been validated by Thunes Collections, Thunes shall activate your payment methods in our production environment and open your access to our production Back Office (

Updating your code

References to the Thunes Collections API

You must replace “” with “” in all your references to the Thunes Collections API.

Payment Method Identifiers

Please note that the paymentpageid varies according to the payment method. For instance, when paying with a credit card, one must use this ID: creditcard. For another payment method, you must use another ID (cf. our documentation). So your code must be able to dynamically pass the appropriate ID.

Final Check

Once you have made these code upgrades, it is recommended that you double-check for each payment method that:

  • You are redirected to the appropriate payment page.
  • The website name or logo is displayed correctly.
  • The correct amount is displayed.


Marketplaces are advised to make a real end-to-end payment test in a production environment. It will validates that:

  1. Everything is well configured in production environment
  2. Financial reports suits the marketplace's Financial and Accounting departments.

What’s Next

Please read the following links in order to go further!