Going live !

Activating your account for go-live

Once your tests have been validated by Thunes Collections, Thunes shall activate your payment methods in our production environment and open your access to our production Back Office (https://dashboard.limonetik.com).

Updating your code

References to the Thunes Collections API

You must replace “limonetikqualif.com” with “limonetik.com” in all your references to the Thunes Collections API.

Payment Method Identifiers

Please note that the paymentpageid varies according to the payment method. For instance, when paying with a credit card, one must use this ID: creditcard. For another payment method, you must use another ID (cf. our documentation). So your code must be able to dynamically pass the appropriate ID.

Final Check

Once you have made these code upgrades, it is recommended that you double-check for each payment method that:

  • You are redirected to the appropriate payment page.
  • The website name or logo is displayed correctly.
  • The correct amount is displayed.


If you want to make a real end-to-end payment test in a production environment, you must contact the payment methods concerned to obtain the appropriate credentials.


Some payment methods require a written acceptance report before validating implementation in a production environment, in which case they will contact you directly.