Financial Flows

Financial flows of a collecting model:

Once a payment has been completed, the company behind the payment method used for the payment order wires the collected funds to Thunes' bank account. From there, Thunes Collections reconciles all financial flows and updates the Referrer and Shops accounts on the Thunes Platform. Once the funds are in the Thunes account of each party, the latters may schedule a payout , of all payment flows settled and reconciled, to their own bank account.


Payout Process:

We allow different methods to execute payout:

  • It's possible to execute a payout on your own, via our BackOffice, from your Thunes Account to your bank account.

  • The payout can be triggered or scheduled:

    • Trigger: Every time your account reaches a preset amount
    • Schedule: it's also possible to preset a payout frequency (daily or several times a month).


Be careful to not empty your Thunes account!

If a Thunes account holder doesn't leave any money on its Thunes Account, it may impact the refund and chargeback processes. Be aware that, if your Thunes Account is empty, all KO refunds and chargebacks, due to a lack of funds, will lead to the payment of a penalty fee to Thunes Collections.

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