Financial Flows

From processing to collecting...

Financial flows of a processing model:

With the processing model, Thunes Collections handles only the technical flow. The financial flow happens directly between the Payment Method and the Merchant. Consequently the Payment Method settles directly with the merchant's bank account. To facilitate the reconciliation between the technical and the financial flows, Thunes Collections provides accounting reports.


Financial flows of a collecting model:

With the Collecting model, Payment Methods settles directly with Thunes Collections' bank account. Then Thunes Collections reconciles the transactions and the funds on the behalf of the merchant and updates the latter's account on the platform. Merchant is then free to schedule payout from its account on the platform to its own bank account.


Differences between collecting and processing model:


Payout process (for collecting only):

Thunes allows different methods to perform a payout:

  • It's possible to manually perform a payout on our back-office.
  • PayOuts may also be performed based on preset rules:
    • when an account on Thunes Collections platform reaches a preset amount
    • At a preset date
    • at a set frequency: daily or several times a month.


Be careful to not empty your account on the platform !

If a merchant leaves its account without any provisions, the refund and chargeback processes may be impacted. Be aware ! If no funds are left on the account, all KO refunds and chargebacks will be charged by Thunes.

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