Fee Management

Running a marketplace implies the management of several types of Fees. Therefore, before heading straight into how Thunes’ platform manages fees, let’s review the ones addressed in this article:

  • Enrollment fees
  • KYC Update fees
  • Commercial Fees
  • Payment Fees

The Vendor’s Enrollment Fees are automatically charged by Thunes Collections to the Marketplace for each new onboarded Vendor. KYC update fees may also be applied to the marketplace after the Vendor has been enrolled. Thunes Collections has indeed the legal obligation to know its partners and must therefore update on a regular basis information it holds on its partners.

Lastly Commercial fees are paid by the Vendors to the marketplace and Payment fees are paid by the Marketplace to Thunes Collections, as shown in the diagrams below:


Marketplace charges its Commercial Fee while calling the webservice Charge of the API. The marketplace has two technical options to pass the due amount in this call:

  • The marketplace calculates the due amount and passes it itself in the call ; or
  • The marketplace indicates in Thunes’ back office a fixed commission rate, which will be used for the automatic calculation of the due amount passed in the call.

The last solution is ideal for marketplaces which applies a fixed percentage to all its Vendors, whereas the first solution is better suited for Marketplace with different commission rates per vendor.

Finally please note that Marketplace can refund fees with the web service “Refund” of the API.


Other fees

As described in payment services contract, We will charge automatically marketplace's account of KYC update cost. We will also charge automatically marketplace's account of payment fees.

What’s Next

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