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With Thunes marketplace payment solution, would my marketplace be compliant with latest European regulations (PSD1 & PSD2)?

Yes, our payment solution for marketplace includes a third party collecting account. We use a French Payment Institution (SFPMEI) which came into being as a result of the enactment of the Payment Services Directive (PSD). The five main objectives of the PSD were to:

  • create a single payment market in the EU
  • provide the regulatory framework for a single payment market
  • enable a level playing field and enhancing competition
  • ensure consistent consumer protection and improved transparency

Is your solution compatible with Magento or Prestashop or Woocommerce or Oxatis?

Yes, it is. However, it should be understood that we don't have any plugins, extensions or modules for all market CMS solutions yet. Your account manager can help you to find the right IT provider.

Is your solution compatible with Mirakl?

We've developed a Mirakl integration to ensure a full synchronization between them and us. For further information, please contact your account manager.


Are Credit Card, Alipay and Sofort the only payment means offered at the moment?

Today, we offer Credit Card, Alipay and Sofort. We offer more than 120 payment methods and new payment methods are being added regularly. If your are looking for alternative payment methods not yet offered by us, please contact [email protected] to explain your needs.

Is it possible to use your marketplace solution with others currencies?

We will quickly add GBP management to process transactions. More currencies may be added soon.

How can I manage refund on my marketplace?

As a reminder, the marketplace can only manage the refund of its own products, services or fees.
It is the responsibility of each vendor, to manage their refunds. It is possible to manage it directly from the Thunes Collections back office.

What's happen in case of refund failure?

If your Refund request is KO, we will be notified and will check the reason for the issue. If the reason of the failure is an empty vendor's bank account, we will retry it and charge vendor's bank account when the remaining balance will be enough.

What will my customer's bank statement label look like?

On their bank statement, your customer will notice a credit card payment line with "Thunes" or "Limonetik" written, as it is the payment solution for the marketplace and the vendors.

Which are the black listed countries where you can't process payins?

According to our anti-money laundering rules, Thunes does not process payments in the following countries. These countries are registered in different official lists and/or subject to embargo (Lists : GAFI, OCDE, list of state sponsors of terrorism or countries subject to security council sanctions).

  • Africa
    • Ethiopia
    • Uganda
  • Asia-Oceania
    • Afghanistan
    • Lao People's Democratic Republic
    • North Korea (People's Republic of Korea)
    • Yemen
    • Vanuatu
  • Europe
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Middle East
    • Iran
    • Iraq
    • Syria

Dispute and fraud

Is your solution secured?

All of our payment pages are developed using a HTTPS protocol to ensure protecting page authenticity, to secure accounts and to keep user communications, identity and web browsing private.

What about fraud?

We also used 3D-Secure as a fraud prevention system designed for e-business to facilitate secure online transactions by authenticating a cardholder’s identity at the time of purchase. Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and American Express SafeKey are three of the most widely used 3D-Secure protocols and each one relies on a three-domain (3D) communication process.

What is a chargeback? What's happen if a chargeback occured?

A chargeback is a dispute on a payment which triggers the refund of the transaction made by card for an online purchase. The card holder can refuse the card payment up to 13 months after the date of the transaction. The merchant is 100% liable for the charges.
A dispute can be raised if:

  • there is a fraudulent transaction
  • the transaction is not recognized by the card holder
  • the merchandise wasn't received
  • the payment was duplicated​​​

If a chargeback occurres, we will retrieve money to the customer, notify by email the vendor and a charge may be applied to the vendor.


How can I manage payout ?

As a reminder, the marketplace can only manage the payout of its own funds.
Otherwise, each vendor of the marketplace is in charge for the payout of its funds.

It is possible for the owner of the account to make a manually operated request for payout, from the Thunes Collections back office.

Why is my payout delayed?

Most banks only process bank transfers on business days. Money sent on holidays or weekends may be available on the next following bank business day.

Accounting and fees

How can I charge something else to my vendors?

For further information, please contact [email protected] and explain your specific needs.


How does billing works?

Marketplace bills are automatically sent to the accounting contact at the address provided during the KYC process enrollment.

How are marketplace commissions managed?

Marketplaces are free to charge commercial fees they want (impacted to vendor's accounts). It's also possible to define a fix configuration, at the marketplace creation.

In order to go further

Could I have specific report?

Please contact [email protected] and explain your needs.

Is it possible to do more stuff than explained in your documentation?

Please contact [email protected] to explain your needs.