Release of September 2020

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Between sun, masks and codes, our team brings you better solutions to face the future
Please find a quick overview of the last evolution :point-down:


Onboard in real-time thousands of new merchants through our dedicated API


Brand new Onboarding API v5 enables any partner to create automatically large number of merchants in Limonetik platform

Whether you are a marketplace, a gateway or a payment method, avoid long manual process

Following the launch, API has already been improved:

  • New fields available to create or update an account
  • New error codes and messages helping you to build quickly the best integration possible
  • Improvements on the API general stability

=> Follow our simple step-by-step integration here :eyeglasses:

Still more features on your Back-Office

Through the Limonetik payment back-office you are able to access to your ledger, visualize your transactions, manage refunds or create custom reports

Now it is possible to contact our customer support team directly. More information accessible on a transaction page. Critical improvements have been made to ease and accelerate your navigation

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Be notified when a payment method page becomes active

This new notification feature enables you to follow status change of any payment page related to your account, either you are a merchant or a gateway

This process eases information exchanges between payment methods and merchants

=> Ask for more information to your Limonetik contact :email:

Ease compliance controls by accessing daily ledger reports directly on the back office

As a financial institution you must control our ledger accuracy and performance everyday. Limonetik provides you daily two reports:

  • Input Output Financial Report that details the start and end balance of the day. It also lists every funds transfer that occurs this day (input and output). In case of incident, it enables real-time detection of the suspects funds transfers
  • Account Balance Report that details every payment account balance and the funds not reconciled at this date. In case of incident, it enables real-time detection of every gap in amounts associated

Both reports are deposited daily on a SFTP and are now available on the back-office

=> Ask for more information to your Limonetik contact :bank:


Get paid in 3x, 4x even 10x times with Banque Casino directly through Limonetik


Banque Casino adds more products to its solution.
This complete the great payment by installments family live through Limonetik

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Let your swiss buyers pay on invoice with Availabill


Availabill is a payment on invoice available in Switzerland.
It enables Swiss buyers to pay when they received their product

=> Trust the process :clock1:

Enjoy new updates for easier connection to Bancontact in Belgium


Bancontact is now fully available in referrer mode through Limonetik
This is the most used card scheme in Belgium

=> Diffuse your product & services in Belgium :fries:

Reach 1.8 Bn people through Indian TechProcess and South American BoaCompra gateways


TechProcess is a payment gateway that connects Limonetik to Indian cards, netbanking and bank transfers payment methods

BOA Compra is a payment gateway in South America allowing various payment methods in all countries of the zone

=> Connect to Limonetik, connect to the world :earth-asia: :earth-americas:

Next release the 17th of November ! Take care ! 👩‍💻

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