Release of November 2020

Hello !

During the pandemic, digital is fundamental.
Our online payment solutions are designed to sustain your activities.

Please find a quick overview of their last evolution :point-down:


Payment Method, Forget gateways and merchants roadmap.

Integrate Open Connector

Reverse API to integrate yourself and access to +9000 potential merchants


You are waiting for major gateways to integrate your payment methods API?

But your payment method has not reached the fame to be prioritized by them?
Develop yourself the connection through Limonetik and get a technical access to major gateways and merchants

Not a standard API. This is a reverse technical implementation logic.
Process is the following:

  • Apply for Open Connector
  • Limonetik validates your compatibility based on your capabilities
  • Get support for developments and merchant activation process

=> Spread your payment method to the world :earth-africa:

New world, New look, New card payment page


The world evolves. Our identity and solutions as well.

Limonetik proposes a new payment page. It is mostly appropriate for card payment methods, like all credit cards or some meal vouchers.

Improvements make this payment page top-of-the-art:

  • Customization with your own logo and colors
  • Responsive
  • Best UX practices: Credit card number authenticity check, autofocus for completion, duly fill check
  • Multilingual
  • Any card processor behind
  • Hosted & maintained by Limonetik

=> Ask your account manager for more information :art:

B2B Online: Deliver Now, Get Paid Later.

Create a Pay Later workflow for your buyers. This is the online version of B2B standard payments.
Obvisouly it could be relevant for B2C activities.

It requires absolutely no API integration from the marketplace or the merchant. Most payment methods are compatible.

Steps are the following for the buyer:

  • He clicks on a « Pay later » button
  • He sends his email address (or CFO)
  • Moment or days later, he receives a standard Limonetik payment link and the invoice
  • He now can pay with its preferred payment method

=> Start for more information to your Limonetik contact :mailbox-with-mail:

Your Limonetik reports on your inbox

Reports download directly via the Back-office tends to take too much time.

We think about limiting the number of transaction per month and per beneficiary but we believed it's better to modify the download process

You'll now get an email with a secured link to download your report

It applies to all standard report requested on the back-office: account statement, transactions or operations reports

You'll receive an email minutes after your request. Link will be available for 24 hours for security reasons obviously

=> Monitor your activity on :page-with-curl:


Receive money directly from Limonetik for your Payconiq payments in Belgium & Netherlands


We are now allowed to settle you directly the money coming from Benelux.
Payconiq is the largest mobile wallet used there

=> Improve up to 30 Million lives :bicyclist:

Full financial reconciliation available for Indian Techprocess


Techprocess enables Indian to pay online.
We are now able to reconcile operations and settlements for merchants

=> Investigate a 1 Billion people market :rocket:

3D Secure 2.0 live for your Credit Card payments

Long story short: 3D Secure 2.0 became mandatory unless exceptions
We are technically up-to-date with this obligation

=> Secure your end of year :snowflake:

Be compliant to the latest AML5 regulation updates on your GiftCard payments

As you still don't want to hear more information about AML5 regulation updates.
Please note that every Gift Card transactions are compliant

=> Enjoy an ideal Christmas :santa:

Next release the 27th of January ! Take care and merry christmas ! 👩‍💻

Please find all releases on the online documentation

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