Release of June 2021

Hello ! Even if bars have opened in May we have still great new features released for you 😎


Accept In-Store payments through Limonetik App


92% of European millennial expected to use mobile payment in 2021
Customers want to use their favorite local payment methods anywhere in the world, card isn’t the only option anymore

Plug Limonetik payment methods directly to your retailers in-store POS & cash register

Enrich your offer to merchants by allowing them to accept payment solutions that generic payment services providers do not offer:

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App is available for iOS or Android

=> Get more information at [email protected] :iphone:

Accept up-to 40 local payment methods from your Magento environment


Magento x Limonetik logo

Magento empowers thousands of retailers and brands with their eCommerce platforms and cloud solutions.

Limonetik developed a connector so that your ecommerce merchants can access most important payment methods

Request the integration documentation and the payment methods list to your contact

=> Empower your Magento payment capacities :computer:

Enable bank transfer refunds for non-refundable payment methods

Several payment methods like Bridge, Fintecture, SOFORT or Multibanco do not propose any refund feature.

Avoid your CFO the nightmare of managing refund manually

For a merchant it becomes a headache to offer a marketing refund for products & services. Your
Financial department has to create a manual process of bank transfer.

Limonetik has made a great step to propose you refunds for these non-refundable payment methods.

You will be able to request a refund through API or the back-office in the same way that the other payment methods. The bank transfer will be managed safely by Limonetik. The ledger will be impacted as your financial reconciliation.

For the moment, only payment method that collects IBAN of the buyer will be available

=> Request the refund feature to yours sales contact

Be prepared to payout anywhere in the world

After being able to accept payment methods everywhere in the world, Limonetik will propose you to settle money globally !

As Limonetik is not a financial institution, role of Limonetik is to transfer payout orders to financial institutions.
We have started a great project that will enable Limonetik to allow global payouts in several account systems. Currently, we manage the BIC/IBAN format.

=> Prepare to be connected to the new world of payments :earth-africa:


Redirect WeChat Pay payments directly on the mobile app


WeChat pay is an unavoidable wallet to attract Chinese consumers. Ensure your consumers the best UX to pay by redirecting them to their WeChat app

Pay by installments in Portugal using Oney


Accept payment by instalments using Oney in Europe. More precisely Oney Portugal had been adapted to manage Portugal postal address specificities

Accept Sodexo in Belgium on your food marketplace


Digitalization of food vouchers became crucial since the pandemic has started. Take the opportunity to get paid via one of the most important meal voucher of Belgium

Prepare 2024 Paris Olympics with Sodexo Carta


Our team is thrilled to participate in 2021 Paris Olympics by preparing payment methods for this great event.

Limonetik expertise used to enable Wedoogift gift card from Pacifica, an insurance wallet


Another proof of the Limonetik deep expertise in payments. We enable victims of damages to get more compensation from their insurance Pacifica with a Wedoogift card

No more adaptation required to Pay on invoice in Switzerland using Swissbilling


We have connected Swissbiling to a Tier-1 actor. The consequence is that this payment method does not require more adaptation for a standard processing setup

Yves Rocher gift card is available in Germany


We support loyalty programs at the international level. :sunny:


Next release the 7th of September 2021!

During summer, Take care! :sunny:

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