Release of June 2020

Hello !
In an uncertain future, we keep up the effort to deliver the best solutions for you ! Please find a quick overview of the last evolutions


New API : Start Mass Onboarding of Merchants


Brand new Onboarding API v5 enables any partner to create automatically large number of merchants in Limonetik platform

Whether you are a marketplace, a gateway or a payment methods with already thousand of vendors accounts, this API enables you to avoid long manual process

=> Ask your Limonetik contact :email:

Enjoy continuous improvement of your Back-office

This back-office will always evolve according to your specific experiences.

Whenever you want improvement to be made, please feel free to ping us. This will fuel the prioritization process of our development team

=> Enjoy the comfort of your Dashboard :coffee:

Customize precisely your Account Statement

More transaction information on your account statement could be useful for your monitoring?

Limonetik adapts its product to your process. Now, account statements can be customized with more information on transactions: from adding columns useful to changing their name. This applies to every account statement sent automatically to you.

=> Simplify your monitoring process. Ask your operational contact ! :raised-hands:


Latest Banque Casino version supporting 3x, 4x, 10x and delayed payments


Banque Casino adds more products to its solution.
This complete the great payment by installments family live through Limonetik

=> Ask your sales contact for more information :family:

Best Swiss credit card processor Saferpay now connected


Swiss quality for our credit card processing available through Limonetik.

=> Enjoy other available local products like Twint or Postfinance :chocolate-bar:

Enjoy post lock down with PayPal for travel transactions


Travel data are now transferred in real time to PayPal.

=> Convert more customers after the lock down with this unavoidable wallet :ocean: