Release of June 2018

Technical preparation for the discontinuation of TLS 1.0

  • We are conducting tests and preparing configurations given the discontinuation of TSL 1.0 protocol and upgrade to newer versions.

Overall improvement of the reconciliation process

In an effort to reduce complexity, we have improved our reconciliation engine to handle specific situation with greater flexibility.

API Evolution - "Not Implemented" response

We've enhanced our API in response to a steady increase in the number of payment methods we support.
In this release, we’ve added a new type of response to our API: “Not implemented”, allowing us to better identify certain operations that are not supported by payment methods.
For example, when some payment methods do not allow refunding, the error message “Not implemented” communicates this fact in a informative manner.
For more information, please refer to your Limonetik technical support contact.

Evolution of BackOffice

Our team is currently mobilised to implement the new revamped version of BackOffice — a more responsive version that has been redesigned to support the latest financial services offered by Limonetik: tracking collections by transaction and future collections, providing account statements enriched with transactional information, etc.

Other changes

Other minor changes and adjustments have been made to the current version of BackOffice and to the core business in order to optimise utilisation and the user experience.

New payment methods

Pass Restaurant with Sodexo


Developed by Sodexo, a French company recognised for solutions that add to the quality of life at the workplace, the Sodexo Restaurant Pass is now available to businesses both in the form of check and card.

Restaurant vouchers can be used every day of the week, except Sundays and public holidays, for purchases up to €19.00. They are available to employees, whatever their status (full-time, part-time, temporary, apprenticeship, internship, etc.).

The Sodexo Restaurant Pass is a simple, economical solution that can be adapted to companies’ needs. The Pass has nearly 4 million users for over 180,000 partner merchants who can be geo- localised through an app (available on iOS and Android) or by the Pass Restaurant extranet.
Businesses that accept the Pass, recognisable by their window stickers, must be equipped with a suitable payment terminal.

Facilipay International with Oney


Now available in a number of European countries, the international version of Facily Pay, an online payment method developed by Oney, can be accessed via Limonetik.

With over 8 million customers in 11 countries (Western Europe, Central Europe, Asia), Oney boasts more than 200 merchant partners in France and abroad.

Facily Pay allows payment in 3 or 4 instalments by bank card. The brand promise: A simple, fast and secure solution that allows users to add products to their shopping basket, select the mode of payment in 3 or 4 instalments and, after completing and validating an online form, receive a conditional approval immediately, without mailing in any documents.