Release of January 2020

Happy February!

The new world of payments is here! Please find a quick overview of our evolutions for January 2020 :star2:



Can hundreds of Vendors start sales on your Marketplace in less than a week?

A business should not suffer from slow compliance processes. But not applying AML regulations & your risk strategy is unquestionable.

Both prerequisites met with our brand new tool:


We provide a standard web link to register and sign electronically your contract. The online form manages 6 languages, is brandable, and has automatic official document validation.

=> Start caring more about your vendors by simplifying paperwork :nail-care: :newspaper:

Better UX, Better Design: Start using our New Back-office before March


All payment & account management features are now implemented on the new Back-office Limonetik. It was designed specifically to clarify and modernize your day-to-day payment monitoring.

This Back Office version will replace officially the previous one the 3rd of March 2020

=> Bookmark the new URL to pilot your payments: ☕️

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We protect who we Love: Your password evolves on Valentine's day

Because your confidence is a precious gift, we have strengthened our password security rules.

Passwords will now have to be highly complex, will expire every 90 days and a new system for email address validation has been launched.

The rules will be activated for St Valentine’s week.

=> Change your lovely password right now :heart:

Your daily comfort improves with smoother authentication processes

Authentication is your routine process to start interacting with Limonetik tools every day.

Then, this is essential for Limonetik to provide you a great experience. In other terms, to give you a firm and friendly handshake!

Emails have now a more friendly design. A new email is sent when the 24 hours delay validity of a Limonetik link expired (password change, email address validations, etc). The authentication process and user management have been improved.

=> Enjoy a firm & friendly handshake :hand:



Serve 10M Chinese tourists that pay in Europe each year in POS!


Chinese tourism is a huge opportunity for every company. Alipay & WeChat are vital to accept payments from them

=> Limonetik provides you now both payment methods with one integration for POS :cn:

Now let your Customer Scan your WeChat Pay QR code


Accept Payments with WeChat no matter who has to scan the QR code.
Limonetik manages them both :sunglasses:

Connect with the vital French app for events, stores, and students


Lyf Pay is an essential French app for specific use cases.

=> Start using it in POS :iphone:


Carte Bancaire, OneyCard: Conversion rate improved as there is no redirection page


We have integrated Carte Bancaire and OneyCard in Server-to-server

=> Get those PM integrated on your webpage :credit-card:


Next release the 7th of April 2020!

Until spring, Take care! 👩‍💻

Please find all releases on the online documentation at

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