Release of January 2019

Evolution of the management fees system

The management fees system enables the set-up of payment fees, merchant account management for marketplaces and the set-up of transfer request processing fees.
This system has progressed regarding the set-up of payment fees in order to offer a functionality of minimum or maximum on its variable part.

BackOffice development

Our team is currently mobilised to implement a new revamped version of BackOffice — a more responsive version that has been redesigned to support the latest financial services offered by Limonetik: tracking collections by transaction and future collections, providing account statements enriched with transactional information, etc.

API developments

We are currently reviewing our APIs and developing new ones in the area of account management. Limonetik wants to respond more effectively to these requirements in the complex world of marketplaces and collecting. We are starting to review our APIs, our final objective being to better respond to new demands in our specialisation.

Other developments

Other minor updates and adjustments have been made to the current version of BackOffice and to the core business in order to optimise the platform and ultimately improve the user experience.

New payment methods

Banque Casino


Launched in 2012 by Banque Casino, the payment method CB4X (secured payment by credit card in 4 instalments) was thought for the e-Commerce company Cdiscount.

Easy to integrate, the digitalized solution is available 24/7, and enables anybody to pay a cart from 50 to 4000€, split in 4 monthly payments, allowing the client to maintain its buying purchase in any circumstance.

First Data


US credit card PSP First Data’s solutions help improve the merchant’s cashflow. Moreover, it increases sales with “3rd level” secure data transactions and fraud protection.