Release of April 2021


What is more precious than Time for a company? Trust? Sales?

No need to be philosophical. What we fear most is not to comply with state taxes evolution. These are the highest fines and prejudices possible.

However, Limonetik chose not to choose as this release reinforces each of these precious values


Stop wasting operational time: Automate manual merchant onboarding via our API


Do not let your operational team become the bottleneck of your business!

As a gateway or marketplace, you regularly have to open merchant accounts on the Limonetik platform. It requires a manual process of sending documents and exchanging emails. But when the number of merchants or vendors increases, your operational team can become overwhelmed by the process.

So do not waste your time with a long email process anymore. Use the Onboarding API to create easily and quickly a large number of accounts with real-time technical activation.

To better understand how to turn merchant onboarding into a competitive advantage, we made a special webinar just for our users.

=> Have a look at the replay :tv:

Manage new tax evolutions and delivery fees through our Mirakl Connector

Our Mirakl Connector enables marketplace to access Limonetik marketplace payment capacities and many payment methods

We update this connector so that you are able to take into account new tax evolutions as well as delivery fees when the marketplace is operating this service

Enable the new world is also enabling innovation and giving back to the social system

=> Learn more about the Mirakl Connector by contacting us :electric-plug:

Collect KYC & Underwrite Swiss Businesses

Europe is a strange continent where Switzerland is not part of most European legal structure

We now are onboarding Swiss merchants with a payment institution partner.

Our KYC webform is 100% digital, translated in 6 languages and enable the electronic signature

=> Check the Demo :movie-camera:

Navigate smoothly in our Payment Back-Office with more precise exports and contextual help

Thanks to all your feedbacks, we are able to improve your navigation on your payment back-office at every release

We allow now a more precise period on operations or transactions exports and for account statements.
A better UX and contextual help had also been released

Please continue to send us feedbacks so that we can improve your daily tasks**

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Trust needs consistency, Limonetik has renewed its PCI DSS Level 1 certification in 2021

Trust takes time to build

Just a quick line to confirm Limonetik had been assessed as compliant with PCI DSS policies for 2021

We will continue our efforts to follow latest compliance guidelines and ensure you great services

=> Keep the faith :open-hands:



Let Limonetik aggregate funds from most used wallet in Switzerland, Twint


Expand in Malaysia as we process cards via EGHL


Access to Jokul gateway that gathers all preferred Doku payment method in Indonesia


Bring more traffic by accepting gift card WeDooGift


We improve the UX and the connection:



Next release the 15th of June 2021!

Till summer, Take care! 👩‍💻

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