Release of April 2018

Technical preparation for the discontinuation of TLS 1.0

  • We are conducting tests and preparing configurations given the discontinuation of TSL 1.0 protocol and upgrade to newer versions.

Infrastructure improvement

  • We have migrated databases over to Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn Failover Clustering. In addition to its high availability, this new architecture will allow us to improve performance and conduct live implementations more quickly.

Overall optimisation of automatic processing

To generally improve the automatic processing of the platform we have optimised the system in terms of efficiency and speed. This makes it possible especially to improve reconciliation mechanisms and the generation of documents such as transaction exports, account statements and reconciliation logs.

Evolution of BackOffice

Our team is currently mobilised to implement the new revamped version of BackOffice — a more responsive version that has been redesigned to support the latest financial services offered by Limonetik: tracking collections by transaction and future collections, providing account statements enriched with transactional information, etc.

Other changes

Other minor changes and adjustments have been made to the current version of BackOffice and to the core business in order to optimise utilisation and the user experience.

New payment methods

Paypal with Facilipay


FacilyPay, a payment solution developed by Oney, initially permitted online credit/debit card payments in 3 or 4 instalments.

Thanks to Limonetik, FacilyPay now offers the following payment options through Paypal:

  • FacilyPay 3xPayPal
  • FacilyPay 4xPayPal

Thus, shoppers can choose the payment method according to the payment terms: Credit/debit card or Paypal account.

Conforama Gift Card


Limonetik has added the Conforama gift card, which can now be used online.

Conforama is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of furniture, home decoration, household
appliances and consumer electronics. The brand prides itself as a popularizer of trends and
offers its own gift card.

Up until now, the card could only in be used in brick-and- mortar stores. Now the Carte
Cadeau Conforama can be used for online purchases.